How to Buy on Pluxsale

This guide will also be useful if you are trying to find out how to contact a Seller on the platform.

  1. Find whatever item you need by using the search bar or searching through the various categories.
  2. Click on the item you intend to buy or inquire about.
  3. You’ll find all the necessary information about the product such as the description, price, and seller’s location.
  4. To call a seller, click on the ‘Show Seller Contact’ and you’ll see the seller’s number displayed.
  5. You can also click on the ‘Ask a question' button to send the seller a message on Pluxsale
  6. After composing your message click ‘Send’ and you’ll get a response from the seller shortly.
  7. Always read through the product description and safety tips on Pluxsale before you start shopping.
  8. If you aren’t ready to buy an item, you can add it to your wishlist by clicking on the ‘Add to wishlist icon on a product.

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