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Position: Centre Coordinator

Location: Abuja


The Centre Coordinator at MSI is responsible for effectively and efficiently delivering clinical services in alignment with the organization’s strategy. They contribute to MSI’s future program direction, drive sustainability, and increase access to family planning and reproductive health services. 

The coordinator provides leadership to the medical team, ensuring the achievement of MSI’s mission and targets. They coordinate clinic units, establish effective communication systems, and develop the team’s business and management capacity. 

Additionally, they oversee clinical services, maintain quality care, manage resources, and collaborate with government and non-governmental agencies. The role requires a degree in Nursing/Midwifery/Public Health, 6 years of relevant experience, and strong technical and interpersonal skills. 


  1. Strategy and Planning:
    1. Contributing towards MSION’s strategy and future programme direction, with particular focus on driving MSI Nigeria towards programme sustainability and increasing access to family planning and SRH services in Nigeria through proper clinical services
    1. Actively participate in MSION quarterly performance reviews
    1. Contributing to annual business plans and facilitating the business planning process (service target setting and activity planning in MSION-Clinics)
    1. Assisting the development of project ideas and providing input into proposals to attract donor funds
    1. Prepares clinical services annual targets and when approved, ensures their implementation.
  2. Team Leadership o Provide overall leadership and direction to the medical team in ensuring the achievement of MSI Nigeria’s mission and strategic objectives as well as targets of the clinic.
    1. Coordinate the different clinic units (OPD, OR, Lab.) and is responsible for the organization, deployment, supervision and performance appraisal of clinic staff in accordance with MSION personnel policies.
    1. Set up effective communication system within the clinic and other units of MSION program, technical and operational teams.
    1. Establish the priorities and focus of the medical team under his clinic and ensure proper coordination.

Advise and provide expertise to all medical team. o Monitor and evaluate clinical services provided by the medical team and control the quality.

  • Developing strong business and management capacity amongst the medical team o Motivate, coach, train and continuously set and reviewing performance targets for the medical team. o Ensuring all human resource issues for the medical team are handled according to MSION procedures.
  • Assess medical staff training needs and arrange training in consultation with the Team Development Manager, Area managers.
  • Conducting annual performance appraisals for the medical team
  • Clinical Services:
    • Ensures the maintenance of efficient delivery of client care and the confidentiality of all cases, in accordance with accepted standard medical practices and professional code of conduct.
    • Performs nursing duties, as required, including providing antenatal care, delivery service, family planning / MCH and counselling services, assisting the theatre nurse and disseminating health education/ information.
    • Decides on clients eligible for subsidized I free services, as per the organization’s standing regulations.
    • Ensures that clients’ cards and other records are up-to-date, orderly, properly filed and readily retrievable for reference and inspection.
    • Prepares and submits work programmes and periodic reports of the clinic. o Liaises, as appropriate with government and non-governmental agencies to promote MSION’s interest.
    • Collaborates in the evaluation of clinical programmes and research undertaking and the subsequent application of research findings.
  • Resource Management:
    • Is responsible for the acquisition of drugs, contraceptives, and other supplies, ensures their proper receipt, storage, safe keep, issuance and regular replenishment by pro-establishing re-order level.
    • Approves supplies’ requests and issuance and authorizes financial payments as per the organization’s financial policy.
    • Ensures that all fees collected from clients are deposited regularly. o Assists in the reviews of clinic service charges. o Performs other administrative duties essential for the day-to-day running of the clinic.
    • Identifies, proposes and when approved implements improved clinic management system designed for the enhancement of client load, the provision of quality of care and the sustainability of the programme.
    • Prepares and submits work plan and budget of the clinic o Produce periodic performance report including service costs and expenses of the clinic. o Avails herself/himself to regular stock taking and audit as and when required.
    • Undertakes any other relevant duties that may be assigned to her/him by the Regional Manager/ Country director.


  • A first degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS/MD) o Not less than 2 years post-NYSC experience in similar position.
    • Membership of relevant professional body o Ultrasound skills is an added advantage

Experience within the reproductive healthcare sector o Track record in achieving clinical quality and financial targets

Note: There are no relocation allowances available for this position.

Interested persons may send a comprehensive resume with a brief cover letter as ONE MS Word document or PDF to msngrecruitment@msichoices.org.ng, no later than March 22nd, 2024.  If you wish to be considered for the post, please specify the position in the subject line and the location. Note that if the underline instructions are not followed application will not be considered

MSI Nigeria Reproductive Choices provides equal opportunity in employment and prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, sex, colour, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

Product Location Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

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