Terms of Reference (ToR) – Partnership Strategy Review and Framework Development Consultant at Plan International

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Applications are invited for:

Job Title: Terms of Reference (ToR) – Partnership Strategy Review and Framework Development Consultant

Location: Abuja
Department: Programme and Partnership
Headed by: Programme and Partnership Manager
Grade: None
Starting Date: TBD
Duration: 15 days

Plan International Nigeria recently refreshed and updated its Country Strategy for the period FY2024-FY2028. This was done following the launch of the Plan Global Strategy in 2022. The new Country Strategy “Girls are empowered to take action and drive change” reflects Plan Nigeria’s focus over the next five years and reflects key changes in the organizational objectives that align with its membership journey. Within this strategy Plan Nigeria aims to reach 20 million girls to LEARN, LEAD, DECIDE AND THRIVE while ensuring a robust and strategic partnership.

Plan International Nigeria is in the process of reviewing its partnership strategy and developing a partnership framework to strengthen its partnership management processes. It is expected that this review will lead to the development of a partnership framework that is not only responsive and contributes to the aspiration of Plan International Nigeria but it also aligns with Plan International Nigeria new Country Strategy, values and Plan International Global Partnership policy and other relevant documents at Plan International regional and global hub.

Plan International Nigeria’s new journey requires a robust forward-looking partnership strategy that considers building strategic partners and assessing lessons learned from working with past and current partners.

Purpose of the Work

  • The overall purpose of the review of the partnership stategy is to assess Plan International Nigeria’s partnership management and performance against its programme and organizational objectives and to use the learning from the process, and the changed internal and external contexts, to sharpen new strategy and framework to be developed.
  • It is expected that the new partnership strategy and framwork aligns with the new Plan International Nigeria Strategy starting in FY2025.

Scope of Work
Specifically, the consultant is expected to facilitate the following processes:

  • Workplan outlining key activities for the consultancy;
  • Preparation and consultation of cross-functional units to understand Plan’s partnership ambitions and approaches.
  • Desk review of relevant documents including Plan International building better partnerships, localization of humanitarian action, partnership framework, strategy and partnership capacity assessment tools and other relevant documents as agreed with Plan International Nigeria.
  • Produce a partnership strategy and framework that is participatory, gender transformative, and responds to child protection and safeguarding, among others.
  • Produce a final report incorporating all feedback to improve Plan International Nigeria partnership management process.


  • In view of this, Plan International Nigeria is seeking the service of an experienced consultantwith expertise in partnership management specifically in areas of partnership strategy and framework and establish a clear overview of building better strategic partners for the organization.

The work shall include:

  • Review of Plan International Nigeria Partnership Strategy 2021-2024 to align with the new Plan Nigeria Country Strategy 2024-2028.
  • Develop friendly partnership framework for the country programme.
  • Assess the progress and performance of Plan Nigeria partnership management and document the main lessons for improvement.

Key Expected Deliverables

  • Facilitate a desk review process
  • Participate in regular meetings to agree with Plan International Nigeria at critical decision gates to ensure work is properly coordinated.
  • Development of draft Partnership strategy and framework
  • Keep notes of meetings and submit progress report on the process.
  • Internal review reports by programme and partnership units and compiled version.
  • Submit all documents used for this consultancy to Plan International Nigeria at the end of the work.
  • Submission of final consultancy report of all processes to Plan International Country Office Abuja.

Suggested Methodologies

  • Review of Plan International Nigeria’s Partnership Strategy 2021-2023 and the Country Strategic Plan 2024-2028 including key documentation from Plan International Nigeria as well as a track record of types of partnerships.
  • The use of the Most Significant Change and other outcome mapping techniques to document and demonstrate Plan’s partnership outcomes and impact. The participatory process will involve the following actors:
  • Representatives from all Plan partner organizations including Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs);
  • Representatives from Government;
  • Plan staff, representing programmes, grants, resource mobilization, People and Culture, Finance, Supply Chain, influencing and communication
  • Representatives of youth-led organizations and
  • Plan Nigeria girl platforms, such as the GGE

Deliverables and Timeline
The external review process is envisaged to take no more than 12-15 days, commencing in April 8th, 2024.

Key Output Responsibility Duration (Est. days)
Participate in a one day start up meeting with Plan International Nigeria Consultant 1 day
Conduct a desk review Consultant/Plan 2 days
Participate in a one-day meeting to agree on outline for the partnership strategy and framework Plan /consultant 1 day
Develop and submit a zero draft partnership strategy and framework consultant 7 days
Feedback on the zero draft partnership strategy and framework Plan International 2 days
Develop and submit the final draft documents, along with process report Consultant 2 daysTotal number of days=15 days

Reference Documents

  • Plan International Nigeria Strategy – FY2024-FY2028
  • Building Better Partnerships to Advance Children’s Rights and Equality for Girls
  • Localisation of Humanitarian Action-Plan International Position
  • Project Management Manual
  • Multifunctional Working Group-Partnership
  • Risk Management Toolkit

Required Qualifications, Experience and Competencies

  • A Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences, Communications, Economics, or Development Studies.


  • At least five years experience in the development sector, preferably in Civil Society Strengthening, Strategic Planning and Reviews, Organisational Development and Partnership Building.
  • Knowledge of Plan International operations and procedures is desirable. Language Requirements:
  • Fluency in spoken and written English is essential.


  • Strong networking skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, with minimum supervision and on-distance;
  • Demonstrated initiative, tact, and high sense of responsibility and discretion;
  • Strong teamwork skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral;
  • Strong computer literacy and data analytical proficiency.

The evaluation team will be expected to sign and abide by Plan International values and compliance statement and key policies.

Plan International Values
Any organization or individual working with Plan International Nigeria must share, agree, and commit to the following values:

  • We strive for lasting impact: We strive to achieve a significant and lasting impact on the lives of children and young people and to secure equality for girls. We challenge ourselves to be bold, courageous, focused, and innovative.
  • We are open and accountable: We create a climate of trust inside and outside the organization by being open, honest, and transparent. We hold ourselves and others to account for the decisions we make and for our impact on others while doing what we say we will do.
  • We work well together: We succeed by working effectively with others, inside and outside the organization, including our sponsors and donors. We actively support our colleagues, helping them to achieve their goals. We come together to create and implement solutions in our teams, across Plan International, with children, girls, young people, communities, and our partners.
  • We are inclusive and empowering: We respect all people, appreciate differences, and challenge inequality in our programmes and our workplace. We support children, girls and young people to increase their confidence and to change their own lives. We empower our staff to give their best and develop their potential.

Ethics and Child Protection:

  • Plan International Nigeria places a high premium on CHILD PROTECTION issues in all its working relationships with its partners and associates and mandates all its working partners and associates to adhere to its CHILD PROTECTION Policy.
  • As such, the activity must ensure appropriate, safe, non-discriminatory participation; a process of free and un-coerced consent and withdrawal; and confidentiality and anonymity of participants.
  • Consultants are required to provide a statement within their proposal on how they will ensure ethics and child protection in the development process. This must also include consideration of any risks related to the activity and how these will be mitigated.

Disclosure of Information / Child Protection:

  • It is understood and agreed that the Consultant shall, during and after the effective period of the contract, treat as confidential and not divulge, unless authorized in writing by Plan International Nigeria, any information obtained in the course of the performance of the Contract.
  • Information will be made available for the consultant on a need to know basis.
  • Any necessary field visits must be budgeted for in your proposal. Plan International Nigeria staff under the coordination of the Programme and Partnership Manager will support the consultant in facilitating all necessary engagements required by the Consultant.
  • The selected consultant will commit to respect Plan’s Child Protection Policy to prevent any harm to participating children and youth.

Anti – Corruption:

  • The Consultant and partners declare and guarantee that no offer, gift payment, consideration, or benefit of any kind, which constitutes an illegal or corrupt practice, has been or will be made to anyone by the Consultant either directly or indirectly, as an inducement or reward for the award or execution of this agreement.

The Consultant declares and guarantees that neither the Consultant nor partners or associates, temporary nor permanent, would be involved in the implementation of this agreement:

  • Have been convicted during three (3) years before the submission of their proposals for this project, by a court of law in Nigeria or any other jurisdiction for an offense involving bribery or corruption.
  • Are under sanction, for an offense involving bribery or corruption, imposed by a government, a governmental organization, or a development organization providing development assistance.


  • The Consultant or partners declare and guarantees that the funds provided by Plan International Nigeria for the service shall not be knowingly used to benefit terrorist groups as defined in the criminal code of Nigeria or individual members of those groups or for terrorist activities either directly or indirectly

Whistle Blower Policy:

  • Plan International Nigeria has a Code of Conduct including a Whistle Blower Policy (attached) and encourages its entire staff and associates to “whistle blow” (raise legitimate concerns about violation of the Code of Conduct without fear of recrimination in the course of their engagement with Plan International Nigeria).

Application Closing Date
29th March, 2024 not later than 5.00 pm.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified consultants / firms are requested to submit their proposals via email to: Nigeria.Consultant@plan-international.org
By hand delivery to our Office at:
49 Anthony Enahoro Street,
Utako Abuja, Nigeria.

The application should be organized as follows:

  • Technical proposal (main content and body not exceeding 10 pages): The technical proposal should reflect the consultant’s understanding of the TORs and how all the tasks in the Scope of Work will be undertaken. The consultant will also provide a detailed methodology and plan of specific activities and timetable for carrying out the assignment.
  • Financial Budget: The consultant shall propose a realistic cost estimate for this assignment, including a breakdown of the budget and justification of expenses. The budget shall include only those costs that can be directly attributed to the activities proposed. This should be submitted separately from the Technical Proposal.
  • Statutory Requirements: As required, consultancy firms should provide copies of registration certificates and VAT compliance certificates.
  • Personnel and experience: The consultants/firm shall list and briefly describe the experience, qualifications and specific roles of the consultant(s) proposed to work on the assignment. Detailed resumes of the core team of proposed consultants should be provided
  • Reference information on previous assignments: Plan International Nigeria shallrequest successful bidder/s to present previous reports as evidence of capacity or drafting ability.

Note: Preferably, female candidates are encouraged to apply.

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